Meet Our Clinical Staff

Cheryl Frye Ph.D.


Dr. Cheryl Anne Frye Ph.D. is a psychologist specializing in the brain and neuropsychology.  She has been conducting research on the brain and hormones and engaging in clinical research and practice, beginning her career at Harvard Medical School 39 years ago. She was first a research assistant, and then was trained as an orthopedic and surgical technician, and later an emergency services medical practice assistance during her 15 years at Harvard. Her doctorate is in Behavioral Neuroscience from Tufts, where she also trained in Clinical Psychology. Her pre-doctoral and post-doctoral training were at Harvard and Boston University, where her training included two years of the medical school curriculum. She has been a card-carrying neuroscientist for 28 years. She is licensed with NY State and with Workmans Compensation. She has brought in tens of millions in grant monies to help develop Life Sciences infrastructure.  She engages in basic and clinic research described in over 300 peer-reviewed papers, which have received ~17,000 citations to date ( She has engaged in clinical trials of pharmacological and steroid-based therapies to manage anxiety, depression, sexual (dys)function/(in)fertility, seizure disorder, multiple sclerosis, Alzheimer’s Disease, (peri)menopause and andropause. She has taught/trained undergrads, grad students, medical students, other faculty and physicians. This internationally renowned scholar is dedicated to serving her clients, patients, colleagues, community and her nation, including the past and present administrations.

Cindy Kelsey

Cindy Kelsey was a Special Education teacher for fourteen years and holds an MS ed.  Each of her students required a unique approach to learning that addressed their individual learning styles, cognitive differences and emotional challenges.  She’s discovered that by modifying the approach she used with her students she’s able to work on fortifying the cognitive performance of the patients she works with.  She creates rehab sessions that are designed to be appropriately challenging, address each person’s specific impairments, support improvement of daily functioning and at times it may even include a little fun.

Myra Batista, Psy. D

Dr. Batista has been a School Psychologist in New York for over 20 years. She received her B.A. from SUNY- Geneseo, M.A, CAS and PsyD from Alfred University.  Psycho-educational assessment, educational consultation, behavior/motivation and effective teaching has been the focus of her work In public/private school settings and community clinics.

Melissa Kovelman

Melissa Kovelman earned her Bachelor of the Arts as well as her MSEd in mental health counseling from the College of Saint Rose in Albany. She worked as a counselor for Equinox Domestic Violence Outreach Services for seven years with survivors of domestic violence. She has worked as a counselor at Comprehensive Neuropsychological Services for two years, working closely with clients who have experienced traumatic brain injuries. 

Dr. Happy





Dr. Happy is an active four year old chihuahua/rat terrier mix.  He was trained as a baconater, massage recipient, and all-around wonder dog by the many clients of Comprehensive Neuropsychological Services.  He works full-time keeping people around him on their toes and providing care to our clients.