Helpful Links

We have put together a list of links to our own office forms as well as websites that may be useful for patients with brain injuries. Please feel free to click any of the links below for this additional information.

CNS Office Forms

If you have not been a patient in our office before but have made an initial appointment, you can down load these two forms which we require all new patients  complete.    Simply click on the link to open the PDF form, print, complete, and bring to your initial appointment.
New Patient Demographic Form– Required for 1st visit
Detailed History Form-this form has 4 parts.  Please take your time filling it out with as much detail as possible.  The information requested  may not seem relevant, but it will assist us is making sure your report is as accurate and comprehensive as possible.

Doctors,Hospitals, and Medical Staff:

Would you like to refer a patient to our office?  We have created a referral form that you can complete that will assist our office with getting the treatment authorized or approved by insurance, and meets insurance requirements for a medically necessary referral.
CNS referral form-Print, fill out and fax to us, along with medical records at (518) 446-9960.  If you like this form and would like a supply for your office, please call us and we will be happy to  mail you a pad of referral forms.
Would you like an interactive PDF version of the same referral form to fill out online?

Helpful Links for Patients with TBI

Brain Injury Association Of New York State

New York State Workers Compensation

Social Security Disability



NYS Medicaid TBI waiver



FMLA paperwork

A Guide to Approaching Mild/Moderate Brain Injury

Benzodiazepenes for Panic Disorder

Prazosin for PTSD

Near Infrared Therapy for TBI

Microcurrent electrical stimulation

Center for Independent Living