Neuropsychological Evaluations

Why refer for a Neuropsychological evaluation?

Our neuropsychological evaluations are useful for both patients and their health providers because they encompass a thorough patient history, give test results and recommendations, and answer a variety of referral questions.

A neuropsychological evaluation can:

  • Help clarify diagnoses, for example, whether a condition is dementia or depression
  • Aid in medical decision-making regarding medications and other referrals
  • Help decipher the etiology of cognitive dysfunction
  • Answer whether a patient’s memory difficulties are associated with normal age-related decline or disease
  • Help gain clarity with perplexing symptom presentations such as whether a condition is psychiatric or organically based
  • Determine whether or not a patient is disabled and is capable of living independently
  • Provide recommendations for treatment, including referrals to various rehabilitation providers and/or social services